Panel Upgrades

This is a picture of a panel upgrades.

It is your electrical panel that regulates the amount of electricity that you receive in your home. When it is too much then the breaker will trip and the panel will stop electricity from overloading your wiring. When an overload occurs this will cause a fire. The electrical panel will help prevent this from happening and will save your home and keep your loved ones safe. Our experienced electricians are capable of providing you with all the help you'll need by upgrading your panel before anything unexpected occurs. The older your home becomes it makes it more difficult for the panel to keep up with the increase in the electricity. With so many appliances, computers, lights, HVAC systems, televisions and any other types of electrical gadgets in your home that all require electricity at once. If you have a house that is older than 10 years old, there is a good chance that your panel will not be able to keep up with the demand.

Your Electrical Panel

There is a main power line from your local power company that connects to a box on the exterior of your home. This is usually where the meter box is located. The same line is eventually connected to the breaker box that is on the interior of your home, in a utility room, basement, closet or your garage. This box is generally a gray box.  The electrical panel is the row of switches that you'll see when you open up the breaker box. This is where the primary power to your home comes from. Some switches are doubled or even tripled together because these are used for those areas that will need the most electricity. The switches will have numbers on them that correspond to the area being served power. Your homes electrical panel also has a main power breaker that will be able to turn off the power to your entire electrical system.

Signs of Trouble With Your Electrical Panel

Most older panels will eventually malfunction if you are not having them inspected regularly. This is because the circuits are often overloaded and unable to meet the demand for electricity. You may notice something as simple as the lights in your home flickering off and on. However, since this eventually stops you might just ignore it. Perhaps you have to turn something off in your home in order to use something else without blowing a fuse, this is also a sign that there is trouble with your panel. If you have a breaker that trips up often this means that you have a defective panel that requires upgrading by one of our certified technicians at Fort Lauderdale Electricians.

Why Rely on Fort Lauderdale Electricians

We have been in existence for over a decade and have a team of the best and qualified, certified electricians in Fort Lauderdale. If you want to be sure that the job will be done right, do yourself a favor by relying on local technicians at Fort Lauderdale Electricians for your panel upgrade.

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